Feb. 16, 2022 PAC General Meeting Minutes

PAC General Meeting February 16th , 2022


Held via zoom and called to order 7pm

Adopted minutes from meeting Nov 17, 2021



No updates since the last meeting where they talked mostly about Covid protocols which would 
now be outdated. Minutes from meetings are likely online on their website



Another round of lessons for parents link went out. Some people were able to sign up. Secondary 
event was scheduled high school students read a book to the kids and it’s called bedtime stories… Q&A. no late signups were allowed. There will be another sign up in May.

Film festival info will be sent out as part of these minutes



Only 2 transactions since the last meeting in fundraising account and no transactions in gaming 

  • Tent $335.99
  • $75 BCCPAC membership fee.

$577.60 available for grade 7 grad

Budget passed.





  • Parking… not going to get into it. Walking sidewalk will only work with volunteers. We need so many that it doesn’t seem possible. There was an article in the Burnaby Now. Reach out to Kelly if you want to volunteer 15 minutes in the morning when the traffic rush is happening.
  • Grade 7 grad committee will report today. Ira and Stephanie spearheading fundraising. Focus there until restrictions ease. Working with Rosemary as school contact. Lori yearbook. Plans pending. Budget made pending approval. 7 initiatives they want to do at the school.

Principal’s Report

Grad committee formed and she is liaison. Working toward event.

Sports equipment for classes has all arrived and has been distributed. Came in less than half the budget. 
Each intermediate class has a color coordinated set to avoid fights and loss. Labelled. Many types of balls including frisbee and cone. Primary play ball soccer ball and hula hoops.

FEB 28th 2 weeks of wheelchair basketball (or possibly some other sport)

Air scrubbers received a month ago for each classroom. Today received smaller filters for auxiliary 
rooms like learning resource, counsellor, braille etc and will be put into place in the next few days.

Report cards coming up

Overall calm at the school and it’s a good thing. We are getting excited that we may be able to start 
some bigger and more fun activities moving forward.



Open for Questions

Ira asks about legacy gift. Students never see it. Idea needs to come from them. Gr 7 parents not to be responsible.


Hepa filters… where did they come from. Came from district… portable units and district installed them as a district wide initiative.

Plug for new members to join exec. We have a great team. Kelly stepping down but will shadow

someone next year. Ruth on her last year.

Next meeting May 18 AGM

Adjourned 7:27

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