Nov. 17, 2021 PAC General Meeting Minutes

PAC General Meeting Nov 17th 2021

10 exec, 8 general PAC members in attendance


Adopt minutes. Motion made and seconded


DPAC (Alessandra)

Will put a blurb on website regarding fundraising. Any parent of a side group such as gr 7 grad needs to check in with Alessandra/PAC exec and Mr McLean and make sure we are covered by insurance and that the fundraisers are appropriate Mental health topic… want feedback first before putting forth meeting details. Depression and anxiety a big issue. Loss of community within the school also a topic.

CPF Update (Jason)

Book subscriptions underway (flyers distributed) to French immersion students. However electronic copy will go out to the rest of the school. For every 10 subscriptions purchased, the school gets 1 free subscription. Our membership gives us 3 subscriptions with the $250 literacy grant: each month school gets 3 books Resourcing grant… receipts submitted by staff and reimbursed up to $250 for French related resources.


French classes starting again in January

Up to $500 for the rights of a French movie so school can play it

Thanks given to Mme Potyka who is the staff CPF rep.

Budget (Jessica)

Last few months no income but cut a few cheques. Consumables, pumpkin patch. 5 yrs domain name $190.

Field trip refund (gaming money).

Gaming fund gave $8800 for teachers 22 classes at 400 each


Gr 7 restricted fund


Kelly… explains indoor outdoor boxes. Our budget is 600. We need to spend the gaming money from last year as it can’t transfer years. Motion made to spend the $5200 from the field trip reimbursement

Mr McLean suggests the gym supplier the school uses has better bulk deals. And the boxes holding the items 
themselves should be replaced.

Rosemary… changed suppliers to buy bulk balls for better price. Colour code for the classes. Intermediate classes 
get soccer, basketball, football, frisbee and volleyball as well as a mesh storage bag. Primary classes to receive play ball, soccer ball, whiffle balls and scoops and hula-hoops.

Hasn’t looked at boardgames yet. But they are pricey so it will add up.

Q are parents allowed to donate items? Absolutely. Rosemary can figure out which class it can go to. Puzzles. 
Callout for games from parents. Like new condition only. Teachers can be asked like in the past to see what they might like. Rosemary will poll teachers and communicate with Kelly with specific guidelines and ideas.

Special motion to spend $5200 on indoor outdoor boxes passed by majority vote.

Budget passed as presented.

Other Business: Chair (Kelly)

Tent has snapped. If anyone has one to donate, we’d be willing to take it off your hands. We have one working but need one more. Contact Dave or Rosemary to coordinate drop off.

First aid training course. Depends on when. Right now, its too much. Only through school kids and online 
payment. School cash is fine if it’s just our school. Other wise too burdensome for secretary (logistical nightmare). Current conditions don’t change then no: No guests into the school at the moment. Let’s revisit in the spring.

We do not have munch a lunch anymore. Account inactive

Parking and traffic is horrible we all know this. We do have a meeting with Bby safety committee and we have a 
10 minutes spot to present. One parent will put slide show together of what is happening around the school and neighbourhood. Trying to find ways to help. If anyone is willing to stand outside for 30 mins with a sign to be a presence might help.

Kelly only to do Friday afternoons. She will send out letter to let parents know we need their help. With 3 
parents on Hycrest and 3 on Adair that equals 60 time slots a week of 30 minutes.

Mr Mclean had a meeting with a company who walked him through the plan to have a sidewalk on Hycrest. 
They were there one morning and one afternoon. Lane area: only 2 properties that use that lane. Our fence line is 12 ft away from the lane. They could dig that out and create a space in there for a drop off zone. Would involve city and school board. Most effective strategy is walking sidewalk.

Q: Is this meeting just discussing sidewalks and parking?

Can’t put crosswalk on Adair cause we would lose another 3 or 4 parking spots.

If people want to write in to the city in regards to suggesting a crossing guard they are welcomed to do so. Letter 
will go home. Can it be in multiple languages?

Parent suggests filling out the survey that the city sent out in regards to Duthie and sperling. Dave sent it out to 
the school community already

Alessandra… the only way you can check the lost and found is through Instagram. Keep your eyes open. Follow. 
Spread the word. They are going in once a month to take photos. Arrange to have it brought outside. Will empty in December and donate, so check before that. Look on feed. Tell your child to tell classroom teacher and they can arrange for child to go get it.

Principal’s Report

New staff Julie Crampton who is a Brailist. Hub for braille work.

Winter concert: issues around privacy etc. rather than sending out everyone’s to the whole community, music 
teacher will record their child’s class and send it out.

Thanks to the coaches to volleyball. Intramural style. Some very strong players this year and we would have had 
success at the tournaments. Co-ed would have been strongest at sperling to date. Fun was had.

Dance club has started today.

Great academics going on

Primary literacy going well. Great projects and inquiry at the intermediate level.

Parks and rec sent email asking where we are in having after school programming. Staff doesn’t feel comfortable 
at this time with outside agencies coming into the school. McLean wants to get a sense from parents of what programming kids really enjoyed and he can pass that along to parks and rec. No guarantee this will be done soon. But when we are ready, we will know what we want to provide in terms of activities.

Adjourned 8:04

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