May. 18, 2022 PAC Annual General Meeting Minutes

General PAC AGM minutes May 18th, 2022

Called to order 7:05pm

DPAC (Alessandra)

Monday presentation and AGM. Survey results reviewed. No notes or screenshots

allowed because of the sensitive nature of survey. Perspective of students, parents, teachers, bipoc. Patriarchal and colonial system. Nothing to distribute at this time. But it was hard and we have work to do.

CPF (Jason)

AGM next week. no updates yet. summer camp registration is full now. Mme Therien is the 
emergency backup for the camp but they’re polling for high school students. BBQ date TBD


Only membership stuff and only 2 transaction the last month. accounted for incoming for gr 7

popcorn sales. Nominal activity.

  • Balance the same as before for gaming acct, fundraising acct, and gr 7 acct balance. Budget passed as presented.


Sidewalks looking to be installed on Hycrest in 2022. This should make parking interesting but walking safe.


HOT LUNCH / Sports Day (Liv)

Email sent yesterday for June 2 thurs. pizza options for fresh slice. 11:30 sports day activities end. Early dismissal at 12:30. Trying to still get ordering and payment methods and processes figured out. committee in place but may still ask for volunteers.

  • Looking to expand hotlunch program for the next year.


GRADE 7 (Lorie Siu)

Grad raffle launched this week. great prizes. Samosa made a few hundred. Popcorn sale again this Friday. Bags have been pre-bought so hoping to sell them all. Big thank you to the gr 7 teachers who have been helping Lorie with the students who have not submitted photos and have not answered questions for the yearbook. Susie has also sent an email to the individual parents so big thank you to her. Very slim on gr 7 photos… only 3 pages so far, so if any parents have photos of gr 7’s that would be appreciated. ie pancake breakfast or Christmas craft pics. 4 individual shots of kids to be included. Lorie on school ground hoping to get a few photos today of band and other activities. Books are taking longer to come back so need to submit by June 5 at the latest.

  • PAC will pay for a slice of pizza for hot lunch for gr 7s on sports day
  • $500 float from PAC will go to the grad which was in the budget that was passed in sept.


EXECUTIVE PAC Positions for 2022/23


  • CHAIR: Kelly will stay for 1 more year. would like someone to shadow her. Would like to be on gr 7 grad the following year so hopes someone will take over her position. Nominated and voted in
  • VICE CHAIR: Sheeba would like to stay on. Nominated and voted in
  • DPAC: Alessandra and Naila will be stepping down. Would like to have 2 new people. will make a call-out for September (learn what the district is doing at the policy level and practice level. Also allows you to share the wonderful things that sperling is doing. Has impact into policy and budget. Advisory committee to district level and trustees.)
  • CPF: Jason and William both nominated to stay on and are happy to do so. voted all in favor
  • TREASURER: Jessica would be happy to stay on. Nominated and voted in
  • CO-SECRETARY: Ruth will be leaving the school this year. Liv would like to stay on and would like
  • another helper. Nominated and voted in. Kristin is interested Wessel. Nominated and voted in.


Minutes passed from previous general meeting.


Moving to Inman. 5 years of learning and half of them have been pandemic years. 
New principal is Kelly Chow moving from Inman to Sperling. Dave says thank you and is really proud of the things we have done at sperling and proud of what the community has done and held together.

  • New Indigenous display in the school… when you get a change come take a peek. Great catalyst for conversations for classes to use.
  • Congrats for Mme Therien who tore up the rug at the dance performance last night.
  • Thanks to Dave Kelsey and crew for organizing sports day. Will be doing it in classes. Not inviting parents but also not turning parents away if they show up. Encourages people to be respectful of distance and space. And to follow protocols. Early dismissal
  • Hub cycle tmr… bike lessons on upper gravel fields turned into biking track
  • Not surplussing any teachers. Asking parents to list kids learning styles as well as 2 kids they work well with in class. This is an opportunity to share what your child is like and not an invitation to be negative
  • Track… hard time to find people to run it with volunteers. 2 different events for 4/54 and 6/7. But 4/5 lands on our sports day so that won’t happen. Running club had a great finish at rocky point with a 6k run. Ran most of the year. District decided that meets would happen at 4 different high schools. 1 track meet for gr 6/7… only 5 students on the team. Not that excitement in kids that wanted to be involved.


PAC pays for bus for track meet. Jessica already dropped a cheque to school. But they don’t need a bus and nobody has booked a bus. We usually pre-issue the chq. School can cut a chq back to Jessica and if chq hasn’t been cashed yet we should void it.

Q teacher appreciation? We have a budget for it. since pandemic we have ordered catered lunch. Cosmos has closed but we can order from elsewhere. What date would work? June 15th is a Wednesday and has the most teachers present. Budget allotted $350 for teacher appreciation. Motion made to make a one time adjustment to the budget and seconded to move money from teacher lunch room furniture to make it 1200 for teacher appreciation lunch. Seconded and passed. Options ideally local but gray olive was suggested as was white spot

Meeting adjourned

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