PAC Activities

The following are PAC activities. Without volunteers and/or funding these activities will not exist at Sperling School (FRE = Fundraising Event):

Fruit & Vegetable Program

Fruits or Vegetables are sent to the school 1-2 times a month for all the children and dates are already scheduled, for more info please see the Fruit & Vegetable Program page. Volunteers are required to wash the product and distribute to each class. Usually done from 1:00-2:00 pm.

Fundraising Committee

Works with the PAC to come up with ideas to raise money for the school. Organizes and assists with all fundraising events. Meets with other Committee members and staff to organize schedule.

Some past fundraising activities include:

  • Annual Fall Parent Donation Letter
  • Hot Lunches
  • Kensington Square Bottle Depot
  • Kensington Square Cobbs

Sperling Sprint (FRE)

Is a run that usually takes place in May in the afternoon from 1:00-3:00 pm. Our amazing co-ordinator for the past 9 years Eugene Leong sets up volunteers to stand along areas of the route and make sure children are crossing the streets safely and cheer them on. Volunteers are also needed to tabulate and record donations. Eugene is looking for someone to take on the organization of this fundraising event but has also agreed to guide you into the transition.

Pancake Breakfast

In December our amazing Lunch Team provides a pancake breakfast for the whole school by donation only! There are many different duties that volunteers are needed for from cooking the pancakes, setting up, taking down, helping with the recycling and helping at the door. The team organizes it, so you are not just spending time volunteering, but you also get to have breakfast with your family. This is one event you want to take part in!

Teacher Appreciation Lunch

Usually takes place in June and is a way to thank the staff at Sperling for their amazing efforts throughout the year. You can volunteer to set up tables, take down and clean up or just supply food for the teachers, it is as easy as that.

Safety Patrol/Parking (Both sides of the school)

Traffic Safety & the “Walking Sidewalk”

We are hoping to have at least one parent on each side in the morning 8:30-9:00am and in the afternoon 2:30-3:00pm to insure people do not park where they shouldn’t or block any moving sidewalks. Our main goal is to allow children to be safe when crossing the streets and getting to their cars. For more info please see the Traffic Safety page.

Indoor Game Boxes & Outdoor Sports Boxes

Each class has two boxes: one for rainy day activities and one for outdoor sports activities.

You are provided a budget to supply each classroom with items they can use for indoor days or to bring outside for recess and lunch. Children are the happiest to see you so it is a great job!

Sperling Fun Fair (FRE)

Held every second spring a group of parents organizes a school fair full of fun indoor & outdoor activities. Last one held Fri. May. 31, 2019.

Clothing Drive (FRE)

Clothing drive held in October and after Spring Break.

Dance Program

During the first weeks of school all Sperling students learn a dance routine.


Sperling students have tennis lessons for two weeks in the spring.

Library Upgrades, A New Playground and Award Winning Books

  • PAC paid for upgrades to the library
  • PAC paid for the new playground in 2012
  • PAC paid for award winning Red Cedar books to be added to the school’s library

PAC Member Duties

These following duties are our PAC members along with a #2, we feel like everyone can use some help. We would love to have you join our team!


Works with the school/staff and district to provide information to parents about the school. Runs meetings, helps organize events and provides a person to communicate to.


Works with the PAC Chair and with school and staff to provide information about the school. Also is a person to communicate to.


Takes care of all financials for Sperling PAC, attends meetings and book keeping.


The duty is to reports between the District and our school.

Secretary & Co-Secretary

The secretary attends the meetings (once or twice a month), take the minutes, format thems and then passes them along to members of the PAC as well as the Web Designer.

Website Designer

Update new information in a timely manner to our PAC website, so we can all keep up to date on what is going on in our school.

CPF & CPF #2 (Canadian Parents for French)

CPF is a group of parents and caregivers whose aim is to further bilingualism by promoting and creating opportunities for students to learn and use French. For example, French immersion students watch an annual theatre performance (Spring) and other French activities. CPF meet once a month to organize events throughout the year.

  • Next year we would like to have at least two parent representatives from each class. This will allow us to communicate closer with each class, so if you feel like an Exec position might be too much this might be for you.