Sep. 11, 2019 PAC General Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order 7:12pm

See sign in sheet for attendance.

Minutes from last annual general meeting May 22, 2019 passed.

PAC Activities

Fruit & Vegetables 11 times a year. Call out for volunteers. Kids more likely to try a new food when all their peers are trying it. Email if you are interested in volunteering once in a while. Meets on a Monday from 1pm.

Emergency Safety Box needs organizing. Looking to do an emergency release practice this year. 2 very organized teachers have purged the box and organized purchase of needed items. Parent needed to check the list and make sure everything is there.

Indoor/Outdoor Boxes. You get a budget and get to shop for needed items for each class. i.e. magnifying glasses, hula hoops, chalk, balls, etc. Budget is $600 for 23 divisions. Email to volunteer. Twice a year. One for inside in Sep. Outside boxes get done in the Spring.

Sperling Sprint will likely be first Friday of May. Great fundraiser and healthy fun activity for the kids. Need volunteers to monitor street corners.

Shopfunds twice a year. Nov/Dec and Apr/May. Parents buy gift cards for places they might normally shop at and the school gets a % of sale. Great for birthday parties, teacher gifts, Christmas or other celebrations. And parents aren’t pressured to spend money on anything they would not already purchase.

Clothing Drive. Paid by weight. Condition doesn’t matter as items are repurposed. Twice a year. Oct and Apr.

PAC Donation Letter is another option for you to participate in if you want.

We will be easing up on the fundraising this year and will likely stick to these options. Raised over $12K with the Fun Fair in the Spring so we are going to enjoy the year without any heavy fundraising. Again, there is no pressure to participate in all fundraisers, only the ones you would like to take part in. We want to give you options…

Principal Report

Great start to the school year and the assembly was great. Kids were encouraged to say ‘it’s going to be a good year’ when they were assigned to their permanent classes.

6 words we believe in as a school. 10 minute video sent out by the school animated short. Great to watch if you have a chance… emailed to all the parents by Mr. Maclean. Once you know your own gifts you are able to appreciate everyone else’s gifts. Jigsaw pieces are starting to be placed around the school aerial photo.

School is full! They had to reorganize 7 classes in English at the last minute, while trying to keep the composition they felt was important to each class. Mostly new students who got moved around. Primary French is totally full. Intermediate has a small amount of room. (Only 4 spots left in the school?)

22 new teachers hired district wide as enrollment is up across Burnaby.

Intakes in 2 weeks. Forms getting sent home soon. Get to know you for the teacher… if there is something greater, please make an appointment.

Terry Fox Run Sep.26 to raise funds for cancer research. Voluntary donation. Terry was Metis and this is a great opportunity to put the lens on this event.

Orange Shirt Day will be used to launch a week of education around reconciliation. ‘Stolen words’ is a book that points to some truths about the lost language.

Timberline for Grade 6 coming up. 3 staff going as well as the counsellor the first day to help with any homesickness.

32 students for Cross Country.

Pro-D Day Sep.27th to set up a variety of focuses. Mme Neuman Grade 6/7 is working on creating an in house challenge program (0.1 admin time). 16 vex robots at the school. Alexa will start off the Pro-D Days with a design challenge. (4 students from our school go to Parkcrest every Wed and series of design challenges and lessons that they do there. We had 60 students apply but we can only send 6 so there’s a need. In-house program can hopefully meet that need). Does not take away from our LSS time. Model is a co-teaching model. Alexa can go into classrooms to run these workshops. Will get stronger as a staff. For the first couple of months. Looking into building a hydroponic wall with one of the classrooms. If we can build the capacity of our staff around ADST challenges and design challenges … Working on writing goal around motivation and relevancy and helping students feel confident about writing and want to write… break down the apathy around writing. Restitutional language also an aspect.

Playground… 2-week delay in some of the parts arriving. Cement delay by a week. Climbing rock to get poured this week. Levelling to come next week then soft fall. Hope to be done by sept 20th. Colour scheme looks great. Kids will be introduced to the playground when it is opened and the K’s will have their own dedicated time.

Question: K parents’s who didn’t attend orientation in the Spring did not get the memo that gradual entry was 2 weeks. The package that came out the first week didn’t mention the 2nd week. Reply from Mr. MacLean was apology for the breakdown in communication and will take the feedback to the staff. The reason they changed the model was that they weren’t effectively balancing the classes cause they didn’t know the kids. But this is important for them to learn. Parent comment that this is a very appealing was to start Kindergarten. Our primary teachers are very strong and there is some great practice going on within the classrooms. Teachers are collaborating together and it’s great to see.

Skiing will be slightly later this year cause they offered different dates at Whistler. Documentation will be sent out when it is ready. Available for Grades 4-7.

Ottawa/Quebec info will be offered to Grade 7s. Staffing will be determined based on number of students taking the trip. Likely the first week of Jun.

Hip Hop happening again but not in Sep. booked for Jan this year for 2 weeks.

Teachers sat down in June to look at the calendar to properly space out the events to see what we can manage properly.

Question: Grad committee gets initiated by Grade 7 parents. Go to teacher and set up a time and date with teachers

Looking for parents to join in the ‘Safety of Your Children Committee’ i.e traffic patrol. Parent requests for paid crossing guard would be appreciated. Evaluations being done all the time but safety of our children needs to be taking the safety of our children more seriously. Would love to reinstate the walking sidewalk. If we can focus a campaign parents for a walking sidewalk that would be great.

Treasurer Report

Error Noted: Change the $800 from the ADST line to $8000. Motion made to pass the minutes with the change to the ADST line. Budget adopted with the change.

Question: About why Movie Night is not a line item: we would like to present it as a free event for the kids not a fundraiser so that’s why it is not on the budget.
Question: Christmas Concert? Primaries will have one in the Spring. Musical theatre cabaret in the Winter for the intermediates.


Nothing to report


Nothing to report

Website Presentation by Ian

Changed the large repository of information that was the old PAC site [public Sperling PAC website for school-wide parent communication] into a more streamlined look with improved functionality. Clean and purged old information. Progressive Web App will adjust to phone or desktop. MacLean: School calendar is updated on a weekly basis – Ian can subscribe to that and it can be imported into the PAC calendar, ideally.

Review of CommunyHub [private parent community for classroom parent collaboration and connection] which can be opted into by the classrooms individually so that you can only get the info that is relevant to you. Question: Who is vetting membership? Ian at the moment. Other parents could take over their own classroom as a classroom parent rep. MacLean has a few concerns as to how to address issues such as permissions to post photos/videos. Also custody issues, etc. need to be considered as to how the info gets to the parents and to make sure only the parents who are supposed to be getting the information are getting the info. If there is a custody situation within the classroom this could be an issue. And have all the parents of the children in the photos opted in? Something to look at when setting up CommunyHub. How do we moderate proper information when parents are able to chat… when we are asking a parent to be a moderator of what might turn into taking sides… cannot be sanctioned by the school in any way. Suggestion for Ian and McLean to sit down and problem solve some of these issues. Maybe limit to classroom Calendars only and other information that could be found publicly.

Sperling PAC website set to go live shortly.

Meeting adjourned 8:53

PAC Welcome Letter

Dear Families of Sperling Elementary School,

Welcome Back and I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing summer!! My name is Kelly Zecca and I am your returning PAC Chair for 2019/2020 year. Some of you may not know me so I wanted to send you all a personal note letting you know a little bit about me and what your PAC members are hoping to bring to Sperling for the upcoming year. I have been a part of this school for 9 years now and I also participate in some volunteer duties that also include the parking on Hycrest street (Yes, I am the lady that stands with the vest and might have asked you to move your car). I hope being at the school daily gives all of you an opportunity to come and talk or ask questions in person. I want to be someone you can approach and ask what our programs are about because I know how hard it is to volunteer for something you know nothing about.

Last year was a busy with all of our amazing events which we ended off with our spectacular Fun Fair!! Due to the outstanding amount that was raised last year we thought it would be nice to ease up on the fundraising this year and try to keep it simple. Our hope is to keep a few of our events like the Shopfunds (which is gift certificates you can purchase and some proceeds go back to our school), our clothing drive which will be held in Oct sometime and again after spring break (We provided bins at the school and all you needed to do is add clothing, shoes/boots, bags/luggage or sheets and blankets. These items do not need to be in perfect shape and the way we get money is by weight…the heavier the better!! We will send more information in September), our Sperling Sprint which is always fun for everyone and of course we will still have our Parent Donation if you choose. Our Grade7’s will do some fundraising to work towards their Graduation Party in June and there might be some fundraising from our Quebec/Ontario trip however these will all be optional and will be a choice if you would like to donate. What we would really like to happen this year is to lessen the fundraising and just enjoy some events. Our PAC team will be working hard to make this year a great one for everyone.

Other ways of helping with the school is to volunteer your time which we do understand is not always possible but is much appreciated and needed. There are many committee’s that you can be apart of and we will have a list and a description to see if it will fit your schedule. There will be emails provided to contact the person in charge of the committee or you can contact me personally and I can do my best to help lead you in the right direction.

If you are new to the school or a returning family, we know how hard and busy life gets but we also want to be able to allow you to support your school in a way that fits your lives and schedules. This year we also wanted to have a little less to pay for and perhaps a little more to just enjoy.

I am looking forward to an amazing year at Sperling with all of you and as last year I promise to work hard and do my best to support the parents and our kids at Sperling Elementary!! I also appreciate all the wonderful support and loving words that I received last year from most of you, it really meant a lot to me and just makes me want to work even harder for all of you.

Kelly Zecca

Fruit & Vegetable Program

Our goal: Teach the children about the nutritional benefits of eating fruits and vegetables so that they can make their own healthy food choices.

The Key Messages of the Program:

  • Pick local fruits and vegetables – Eat locally!
  • Pick a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables
  • Enjoy eating 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day
  • Wash hands before eating
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before eating

Additional info can be found on the “BC Agriculture in the Classroom” website:

These are this year’s dates (2019/20) that we will distribute produce to the students:

1Mon. Sep. 16, 2019Strawberries
2Mon. Sep. 30, 2019Organic Pears
3Mon. Oct. 21, 2019Baby Carrots
4Mon. Nov. 4, 2019Mini Peppers
5Mon. Nov. 25, 2019Fuji Apples
6Mon. Dec. 9, 2019Halo Mandarins
7Mon. Feb. 10, 2020Ambrosia Apples
8Mon. Mar. 2, 2020Royal Gala Apples
9Mon. Apr. 27, 2020Grape Tomatoes
10Mon. May. 11, 2020Mini Cucumbers
11Mon. Jun. 1, 2020Mini Peppers

May. 22, 2019 PAC Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes

PAC General Meeting – AGM held on May 22, 2019

Attendance: refer to sign up sheet

Meeting called to order (Kelly-Chair) at 7:12 pm.

Attendees reviewed last meeting’s Minutes and a motion was made to adopt the Minutes from the last meeting – motion to pass made by Ruth and seconded by Tina. All were in favour and Minutes were passed.

1. Voting in of the PAC

Chair: Nominations were made for Kelly Zecca. No other nominations were brought forward. All were in favour of Kelly and she was voted in.
Vice-Chair: Nominations were made for Grace Liang. No other nominations were brought forward. All were in favour of Grace and she was voted in.
Treasurer: Nominations were made for Jesssica Liu. No other nominations were brought forward. All were in favour of Jessica and she was voted in. Note a co-position available.
DPAC: Nominations were made for Dina Shafey and Ron Heyde. No other nominations were brought forward. All were in favour of both Dina and Ron as co-committee members and both were voted in.
Secretary: Nominations were made for Ruth Heyde and Livia Hong. No other nominations were brought forward. All were in favour of both Ruth and Livia as co-committee members and both were voted in.
Website Designer (King of the Web): This is a new position available. Nominations were made for Ian Chan. No other nominations were brought forward. All were in favour of Ian and he was voted in.
CPF Member: No nominations were brought forward. One parent, William Au, was considering the role. At the moment the position and a co-position are still available. (Subsequent to the meeting William Au has put his name forward for the position)
Committee Members at Large:

  • Brief summaries were provided for other tasks available during the school year:
    • Fruit & Veggie program (Kelly)
    • Fundraising:
      • Christmas Craft – current member is stepping down, need someone to step up
      • Sperling Sprint – Eugene will stay on, with assistance by Kelly and Melanie
      • ShopFunds (Ruth continues to run)
    • Indoor/Outdoor Boxes (Dina is considering)
      • Indoor – rainy day games
      • Outdoor – bubbles, sport balls
      • Buy items needed with a budget, organize & coordinate the boxes
    • Emergency Box (Daisy is stepping down)
      • Forms filled out at beginning of the year – update the forms – member will replenish as needed with the budget given
      • Review and replace expired items; systemizing the Box
      • Sperling teachers are willing to assist (Mme Day and Ms. Schiffo)
    • Lost and Found (Alessandra and Renee)
      • Alessandra and Renee will continue to maintain
        • Instagram post is a hit and awesome feedback; really helps for the working parents
        • Once the L&F get super full, the members will donate to Once Upon a Child and funds go back to PAC
        • Tupperware gets donated to Value Village
    • Lice committee
      • Current members will re-convene in the fall
      • Need 6-8 people;
      • Hopeful for 2x a year, maybe a 3rd – ideally at the beginning of the year; after winter holiday and after spring break

2. DPAC Update

Ron provided a general feedback of attending the DPAC meetings. He found it was a good source of sharing information and storytelling of what other schools are doing or stopped doing for various reasons. It is great to hear how we can benefit with each other school wise, such as incorporating ways to learn and focus on indigenous matters. For example, Sperling has been accredited for their use and exploration of the forest. Another example is how and what schools are doing to fundraise. The District helps look at how to encourage stuff that we are doing right.

There was discussion on the new funding model:

  • Still postponing; in a holding pattern
  • Considering the concept – not solidified yet on how the model will look like
  • All hearsay still at this moment, indication from the ministers and school trustee is that there is new money and new opportunities
  • Also talked about the first school closure in 21 years (snow days)
    • Have learned to be over prepared in situations for future

3. CPF Update

The CPF member (Monique) was not present and thus no update was provided.

4. Treasurer’s Report

  • a. Latest update is to May 14 th, which includes the Fun Fair and some Deposits
  • b. Last page detail – mostly fundraising (Fun Fair) – not all monies have been deposited and accounted for yet
  • c. Gaming account – haven’t spent much yet (funding just came in March)

Motion to adopt the Treasurer’s Report as presented – motion to pass made by Ruth, seconded by Kelly; all were in favour and Report was adopted.

5. Fun Fair Update

Lucia Yap from the Fun Fair Committee gave a brief rundown on the status and setup for the upcoming Fair. The Fair is 10 days out and things are ramping up. Lots of promoting has been done through Facebook and flyers are being delivered through a local paper route. There has been awesome teacher engagement and student excitement which is great to hear. Lucia also gave a huge shout out to all the PAC members involved in the Fun Fair for their time, dedication and efforts on this major event.


  • Many activities lined up, including stage entertainment
  • Silent auction has been moving along, with the showcasing of local vendors/businesses via Facebook and Includes teacher/classroom art pieces


  • Set up for presale orders for punchcards and food (through Munchalunch)


  • Still looking for volunteers
  • Extra hands usually on deck and available on day of
  • All volunteer time is appreciated;

Day before the event:

  • Presale punchcards and food orders will be disbursed to students on the Thursday before the Fair
  • Setup and preparation will begin at 6:30 and there is a callout for parent volunteers to assist

6. School Fundraising.

  • a. Sperling Sprint raised over $6,000 this year – one child raised $1,100 alone – AMAZING!
  • b. Clothing Drive (April) – raised $765 plus extra $100 from the company
  • c. Mother’s Day flowers – still confirming the totals. Possibly need to re-consider this fundraiser for next year, as the prices keep getting raised.

7. Chair’s Thank You

Kelly expressed a huge thank you for all members who have committed their time and support for the PAC. She thanked all those that have come out to the meetings.

8. Principal’s Report

  • a. Carving ceremony:
    • The dedication and blessing carving ceremony is scheduled for 1 pm on June 18th. The mayor, various dignitaries (MP, Burnaby School District) and Simon and his family are expected to attend. We are working on someone to come out from the Coast Salish Nation to bless the carving piece. Two indigenous members are also working with the Kindergarten classes and teaching them a thank you song. The principal commented that the carving tells an amazing story and has become a great catalyst for telling stores, creating interactions and conversations. It will continue to be a legacy for the school. The principal gave many thanks again to the PAC for the funds given towards the carving experience.
  • b. Staffing:
    • no surplus; but also not adding any classes; will remain at 23 divisions
    • at the moment, only 1 or 2 spots available at the Primary level
    • French Immersion is full
    • Goodbyes and Hellos:
      • i. Mme. Godel (5/6 immersion) is leaving – Ms. Schulz to replace her
      • ii. Ms. Spence will not be returning; Ms. Deis to replace her
    • Moves:
      • i. Mr. Kelsey will be moving from Grade 6/7 to 5/6; a Grade 6/7 position is open now and Mr. MacLean is currently looking into filling it
      • ii. Ms. Grundy’s return status is unknown, PT basis – will move to 4/5
      • iii. Ms. Czech (LSS) is leaving; Ms. Venos will fill the LSS role and still maintain her role as Head Teacher
  • c. New Playground update:
    • Mr. MacLean met with a committee that included parents and teachers who provided good feedback. It was realized that the existing playground area has quite a large footprint and so there was more than enough space to keep the existing component while still able to add the new structure. Therefore, the current structure will be moved and flipped around to be alongside the new play piece.
    • Mr. Maclean showed a visual sketch of the projected new playground, which included the following:
      • Disc chair/swing part of the accessibility component
      • Accessibility ramp that will come onto the play area
      • some areas for shade
      • lots of climbing pieces including ropes, a wall and a rock
      • slides facing southwest – so it doesn’t get too hot The estimated timeline for the installation is projected to be for September.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm

Traffic Safety Letter

Dear Parents and Families,

I am sending out a message to all our families in hopes of raising more awareness on the importance of safety when parking and driving around our schools. We all know parking is horrible and I do understand the frustration of not being able to find a spot without parking a mile away and you may be rushing to get your child to school on time, however I want to remind you all that our children are worth the small sacrifice of walking a little or coming a little earlier to find parking.

I personally stand with a sign after school on Hycrest everyday helping children cross the street and making sure they get to their rides safely but like most of you I work and can’t make it in the mornings so I do what I can and it is only 1⁄2 hour a day but I know children are crossing the street safely. I even have my friend Ella (a student from Sperling) handing out a letter she wrote to parents asking for them to park appropriately and be aware.

Although Ella is helping, I am hoping to get some more volunteer parents to help cross in the mornings and afternoons on Hycrest (By the teachers parking lot and by the stop sign closest by Sperling) and on Adair (3 Parents). What this would require is for you to come 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes after the children are in school or after school.

I have had many parents and children thank me for keeping them safe but if this isn’t enough one of our own Sperling children was hit by a car on the corner of Sperling and Hycrest in the morning and I have been made aware that a couple of other Sperling children were almost struck by a car on Adair when a car was speeding in a school zone.

I am not sure what else to do but to reach out to all of you and remind you to please drive with care, slow down, no U-turns where children are crossing or back up where you might not be able to see them. I know this seems like common sense to some, but I have seen it and it worries me and I think we need to stand up and let them know it’s not safe.

I don’t want my children to have a memory of seeing a friend get hurt or worse when it is something we can prevent. I talked to a Sperling dad who is a fire fighter and he mentioned that getting hit by a car is a common occurrence but let’s not make it common at our school.

Also, if you can volunteer some time to come out and help (I know it is not the best job in the world) but all we want is our children to be safe.

Please contact me if you are interested and remind yourselves that when you are driving always be aware and keep the children’s safety in mind.

Thank you,

Kelly Zecca (PAC Chair)

Check out the linked page for more information on Sperling Traffic Safety & the “Walking Sidewalk”