May. 19, 2021 PAC Annual General Meeting Minutes

Called to order 7:07pm

Kelly introducing the current exec members.

The teacher/staff mini-lunch appreciation in April from Fresh Slice Pizza went very well. May 28th is the annual teacher’s/staff appreciation lunch from Cosmos. They will receive an individually packaged, catered lunch. It was very popular last year so we are doing it again. Supporting local. Should be a smooth process.

New Business :

CPF: May 25th was the Bby CPF AGM, beyond that nothing new to report.

DPAC: no updates other than proposed budget cuts across district and voting in new exec members. Each school can have 1 or 2 reps. District presents at each meeting about different things going on around schools. This year mostly budget and covid related. Anti racism talk, fundraising ideas, schools talk about their community events, etc. Mondays 1x/month 7-9pm. Planning on returning to in person meetings at Bby Central.

Treasurer: Jessica presents budget. The only transactions have been clothing drive and teacher/staff appreciation mini-lunch. Budget approved as presented.

Exec Positions :

Chairperson: Kelly would like to stay on. This person runs the meeting and prepares the agenda based on any new communication and the previous meeting. Signs cheques and liaison between PAC and the school staff.
Voted in.

Vice-chairperson: could prepare the agenda, help setup meetings and assist the chairperson when necessary.

Treasurer: Jessica would like to stay on. Would be good to have a second person. Voted in.

Secretary and co: Ruth and Livia voted in.

DPAC: Dina would like to pass on the baton if there is another person to take this on. DPAC is a good role which helps know how the district makes decisions, and you learn how other PAC’s function. Get to hear from other
schools. Alessandra might be interested but wasn’t able to make today’s meeting. Alessandra voted in.

CPF: Jason offered to help William so we will have 2 CPF reps this year.

Sub-Committees :

Hot Lunch: has 5 people (Jenny, Liv, Kelly, Shannon, Eva, all from last year). Rolled out a new setup with the existing vendors which helped alleviate stress from teachers. Both parents and teachers appreciated it. Uses Munchalunch payment system. Open and welcome to new helpers.

Fruit and Veggie Program: new produce to the school, distributed among the classrooms. Need a new rep for this next school season. Quick spreadsheet to fill out takes 2 mins. Wash fruit and send out baskets. Kelly will help the first few times to show the ropes. Kelly will register for the program again and will see if it starts up again. Was on pause this last year.

Indoor Outdoor Boxes: Eva was in charge last year. We have a budget to outfit classes for equipment to use during their lunch break. This year was used for outdoor education and balls. This position may open as it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

Lost and Found: Alessandra posts clothing online via Instragram and you can tell child to go get it. Instagram handle is @EcoleSperlingLost and the link is on the PAC website. She would like to continue but is of course open to helpers.

Sperling Sprint: first week of May. Eugene long standing coordinator but cannot do it this year. Kelly willing to help out this year. Needs lots of volunteers to mind the corners. Eugene has made notes for whoever takes over so it should be a smooth transition.

Emergency boxes: Phil worked hard to get boxes done. Water tank cleaned and refilled. Worked with Ms. Venos to get backpacks into all classrooms and topped up all supplies. He is willing to continue on this year. Info will be sent out when it’s time to clean the bin. Wasps were evacuated this last week.

King of the Web: Ian is happy to keep going.

If anyone is interested in any positions reach out to Kelly ( and she can connect you to the appropriate person.

Principal’s Report :

Parent community has been amazing. Protocols. A few exposures but no school outbreaks, so as a community we did an excellent job to uphold responsibility. Entire staff has first vaccines.

Form for child’s placement being sent out. Office form allows to aggregate info and sort by teacher and send to

Teachers in their own spreadsheets: should be more efficient. June 4th is first take at class building.

District put in place a lot of work for anti racism. Survey going out to all staff, gr 6-12 and all parents. For your perception on anti racism in our community. Appreciate your input.

Plan for Sept is phase 1, full time in session. Some things from this year may stick after being evaluated. Things like staff meetings and parent meetings over Zoom may stick.

Summer school has 23 morning classes; 13 afternoon classes. Mr. Maclean site supervisor in morning and Ms. Venos site supervisor in the afternoon.

Initial organization has been set FTE. 12 div French, 10 English. Same as this year but a decrease from 2 years ago. French so full there will be no gr 1 intake this year. English also quite full. 507 at last count. K registration is
down: 87 people on the waitlist. (down from 150’s), possibly due to registration being online.

Staff question cannot be answered yet as they are in the middle of staffing. Mme Rachel (Montague) is pregnant and will be off next year. Mme Lo is taking Mme Rachel’s mat leave kindergarten class; Mme Stan is moving on
from Sperling. One English teacher/class open for gr 4/5. Hoping to get Mr. Stuart back next year. Increasing by 2.5 EA’s. 4 new students in Kindergarten who need support. Mme Potyka is coming back (Mme Funnell was the mat leave). Mme Cirka is coming back.

Kelly thanks everyone who logged on after a long day. Thanks to all who stepped up and to those who have been helping out this year.

Adjourned at 8:14pm

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