Feb. 19, 2020 PAC General Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:08 pm

Attendance: (refer to sign up sheet)

The previous Minutes from the general meeting held on November 20, 2019 were passed and adopted.

Items discussed:

Hot Lunch

Kelly and Livia from the hot lunch committee provided an update since the last general meeting. The previous organizers had confirmed at the end October that they were stepping down. The PAC canvassed out for a new group of parent volunteers and a new committee was formed with 6 members. The committee received information and administrative transfer of the Munchalunch accounts from the previous organizers and proceeded with their pre-arranged hot lunch vendors and Friday dates for the Term 2 session. 

The committee sent a callout in January for parent volunteers to assist on hot lunch days for 20-30 minutes and help deliver orders to classrooms simultaneously. The goal was to assist with simultaneous delivery of the hot lunches to all classrooms, which would maximize the lunch hours for the kids and for the teachers. The feedback on the transition and new process was generally a positive one with a few suggestions and tips & tricks going forward. Overall, the first run by the new committee was a successful one!

There was inquiry on whether the grade 7s could be of assistance; however, since it is a PAC event it was encouraged to provide the opportunity to parent volunteers.

The Hot Lunch committee welcomes any parents who wish to volunteer, whether as part of the committee or on the day of help. Principal MacLean will also bring up this opportunity and awareness to parents at the Kindergarten Introduction Day (scheduled in May).

Principal’s report

Recent school events:

  1. Hip Hop Dance Week:
    • Overall the week went well
    • Parent turnout for the show is getting trickier; may need a ticketing system in the future; larger audience could have also been from the timing – this year the event was in January; in the past it has been in September (something to consider)
    • Principal MacLean is looking at recording the entire event by video, to be available for everybody; hopefully this could reduce the amount of (phone) cameras and people blocking the views of others
  2. Boys Basketball Play Date:
    • Shoutout to coaches, excellent job!
    • Girls Play Date is next week
  3. Ski Day
    • Numbers still seem to be down this year; the school will continue to look into it
  1. Shrek Play  
    • The students/divisions that attended the play at Michael J. Fox Theater were excellent, even the Kindergarten classes. Everyone loved the play and was a great experience.

ADST (Applied Design, Skills, & Technologies)

The recently bought Cricut machine and 3-D printer have been great – one teacher used the printer to make a name plate! 

The 3-D modeling program, TynkerCad, has been fun for the challenge program kids to ‘tinker’ with. It is online and free.

Summer School

This year Sperling will have full day summer sessions that include free morning (academic) courses and paid (Activity) afternoon courses. Principal MacLean will be site supervisor; Ms. Venos will be morning supervisor. The school is looking to offer 7 or 8 paid afternoon classes. Possible courses are rock band, movie making, cooking, sewing, artist voice class with multi-mediums of art.

2020-21 School Year Registration

February is the month to apply for French Immersion as well as Kindergarten students. Teachers are already looking into class planning for the new year. 

The English program is currently full and maxed out at Sperling. Any catchment students will be directed to Montecito. The French program has some open spots overall, but is still considered limited.

Treasurer Report

The Treasurer (Jessica) was absent at the meeting. The report has been deferred to the next meeting.


The DPAC update has been deferred to the next meeting.

PAC Events

Recent events:

  1. Pancake Breakfast:
  1. The new committee tried something different this year – instead of before school (7-9am) it was held during school hours at staggered times (9-11am); overall good and successful event
  2. Kids had fun, most were very excited to eat with their ‘buddies’; acknowledgement made that it is during school hours which is difficult for working parents to attend 
  3. Raised approx. $600 to the Food Bank
  4. Shopfunds:
  1. Raised approx. $781 in fundraising; over $23,000 in card purchases
  2. Next one is planned for orders due April 14th (just after Easter); delivery scheduled for April 29th or May 5th, but within plenty of time before Mother’s Day

Upcoming Events:

  1. Clothing Drive:
  2. Next one is scheduled for after Spring Break – March 29th to Apr 5th
  3. Sperling Sprint:
  1. Scheduled for May 1st (first Friday in May)
  2. Notice and pledge form will be sent out the week before 
  3. Teacher Appreciation
  1. Date still to be determined 
  2. Suggestion to have it on a Wednesday over a Friday
  3. Prefer May as opposed to June – possibly May 27th
  4. Volunteer Tea
  1. Teachers organize it for the parent volunteers
  2. Scheduled for May 20th; coincides with PAC AGM General meeting so may possible change it

Meeting adjourned (time unconfirmed – approx. 8:30 pm)

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