PAC Welcome Letter

Dear Families of Sperling Elementary School,

Welcome Back and I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing summer!! My name is Kelly Zecca and I am your returning PAC Chair for 2019/2020 year. Some of you may not know me so I wanted to send you all a personal note letting you know a little bit about me and what your PAC members are hoping to bring to Sperling for the upcoming year. I have been a part of this school for 9 years now and I also participate in some volunteer duties that also include the parking on Hycrest street (Yes, I am the lady that stands with the vest and might have asked you to move your car). I hope being at the school daily gives all of you an opportunity to come and talk or ask questions in person. I want to be someone you can approach and ask what our programs are about because I know how hard it is to volunteer for something you know nothing about.

Last year was a busy with all of our amazing events which we ended off with our spectacular Fun Fair!! Due to the outstanding amount that was raised last year we thought it would be nice to ease up on the fundraising this year and try to keep it simple. Our hope is to keep a few of our events like the Shopfunds (which is gift certificates you can purchase and some proceeds go back to our school), our clothing drive which will be held in Oct sometime and again after spring break (We provided bins at the school and all you needed to do is add clothing, shoes/boots, bags/luggage or sheets and blankets. These items do not need to be in perfect shape and the way we get money is by weight…the heavier the better!! We will send more information in September), our Sperling Sprint which is always fun for everyone and of course we will still have our Parent Donation if you choose. Our Grade7’s will do some fundraising to work towards their Graduation Party in June and there might be some fundraising from our Quebec/Ontario trip however these will all be optional and will be a choice if you would like to donate. What we would really like to happen this year is to lessen the fundraising and just enjoy some events. Our PAC team will be working hard to make this year a great one for everyone.

Other ways of helping with the school is to volunteer your time which we do understand is not always possible but is much appreciated and needed. There are many committee’s that you can be apart of and we will have a list and a description to see if it will fit your schedule. There will be emails provided to contact the person in charge of the committee or you can contact me personally and I can do my best to help lead you in the right direction.

If you are new to the school or a returning family, we know how hard and busy life gets but we also want to be able to allow you to support your school in a way that fits your lives and schedules. This year we also wanted to have a little less to pay for and perhaps a little more to just enjoy.

I am looking forward to an amazing year at Sperling with all of you and as last year I promise to work hard and do my best to support the parents and our kids at Sperling Elementary!! I also appreciate all the wonderful support and loving words that I received last year from most of you, it really meant a lot to me and just makes me want to work even harder for all of you.

Kelly Zecca

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