What is the Sperling PAC?

The Parent Advisory Council for École Sperling School is the committee of parents who are involved in fund raising, safety programs, and generally enriching the school experience for students.
While working closely with the school principal and teachers, the PAC is an independent committee of volunteer parents.

Does parent fund raising contribute to the School’s budget?

No, funds raised by the PAC are held separately and used to support parent run programs and to buy equipment and supplies for the library, music room, playground, and class rooms. PAC fundraising allows the PAC to buy supplies and equipment for the emergency kits stored through the school. PAC fund raising also allows the PAC to bring in outside speakers for special presentations to parents and students. The PAC maintains its own budget and the PAC decides on how the money is used.

What is the purpose of the PAC web site?

This website is a source of information for the École Sperling School community. We post information about upcoming events, minutes from PAC meetings and more.

Is the PAC website the same as the School District website?

No, the PAC website is independent of the School District website. The PAC website is maintained by a parent volunteer.

How often is the PAC website updated?

The PAC website is maintained by a parent volunteer who’s goal is to keep it as up to date as possible. New material is usually added the same day as it is received. However, if there are any delays, please excuse any latency and understand it will be attended to as soon as time permits.

The date posted on the home page indicates when the site was last updated. Check back frequently for new information.

How do I make a suggestion or comment on the Sperling PAC website?

Send your e-mail to