PAC Activities (Old)

The following are PAC activities. Without volunteers and/or funding these activities will not exist at Sperling School (FRE = Fundraising Event):

Traffic Safety & the “Walking Sidewalk”

Volunteers assist with helping kids in and out of vehicles. (More info)

Fruit & Veggie Program

Every few weeks this committee organizes fruit & veggie snacks for the students. (More info)

Sperling Fun Fair (FRE)

Held every second spring a group of parents organizes a fair full of fun, indoor & outdoor activities. Last one held May. 31, 2019.

Sperling Sprint (FRE)

Students collect money from sponsors and participate in a parent organized sprint/walk around the neighbourhood. Held in the spring.

Family Photo Night (FRE)

Have your family portraits done at the school for a very reasonable price. Held in October.

Canadian Parents for French (CPF)

French immersion students watch an annual theatre performance (Spring) & other French activities.

Indoor Game Boxes & Outdoor Sports Boxes

Each class has two boxes: one for rainy day activities and one for outdoor sports activities.

First Aid Training – Grade 5

Basic first aid training is provided to grade 5 students.

Dance Program

During the first weeks of school all Sperling students learn a dance routine.


Sperling students have tennis lessons for two weeks in the spring.

Head Lice Committee

This committee assists with head lice checks.

Christmas Crafts

Kids make crafts over one or two lunch hours.

Annual Skating Party

A school wide event held at a local ice rink in December.

Annual Teacher Appreciation Lunch

PAC hosts a lunch for the teachers in the Spring.

Library Upgrades, A New Playground and Award Winning Books

PAC paid for upgrades to the library 20??. The PAC paid for the new playground in 2012. PAC pays for award winning Red Cedar books to be added to the school’s library.

Other Fundraising Activities

  • Annual Fall Parent Donation Letter
  • Purdy’s Christmas Chocolates
  • Tupperware Event
  • Mother’s Day Gift Baskets
  • Hot Lunches
  • Kensington Square Bottle Depot
  • Kensington Square Cobbs

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