DPAC Meeting


DATE: Monday, November 21, 2022
TIME: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

1. Welcome and Acknowledgement
2. Introductions
3. Mental Health Wellness Presentation presented by SD41 Director of Instruction specializing
in Safe and Caring Schools Burnaby, Nick Christofides
4. Breakout Groups:
• How does what we have covered today– mental health, wellness and SEL (Social
Emotional Learning) – relate to your work and your life as a parent?
• What are the opportunities that come out of difficult circumstances in our lives?
5. Motion to approve Agenda
6. Motion to approve Minutes
7. DPAC Updates
8. Questions and Answers
9. Show and Tell
10. Next meeting date – Monday, January 16th, 2023 – Topic: Safe & Caring Schools Burnaby

• WEBSITE– http://www.burnabydpac.com – email your events to be published.
• Communication – Email dpacchair@burnabyschools.ca

DPAC Objectives:
1. To serve as an advisorygroup to the SchoolBoard.
2. To assist in decision-makingwith regard to school district programs, policies and practicesthrough
information, input and recommendations.
3. To provide a formal processfor the Superintendent and district staffto receive input and feedback
regarding district programs and operations.
4. To act as a liaison between the SchoolBoard and the community.
5. To provide parent representatives with information on educational programs, operations and
6. To provide a mechanism for local parent/school groupsto share and discuss educational issues and communicate with other parent groups.

The event is finished.

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